Happy Holidays!


Hey everyone. Merry Christmas! I hope everyone’s having a good time with whatever they may be doing. Whether it’s spending time with the family, hanging out with friends, or drinking all alone in a dark room, I hope everyone’s staying safe and enjoying the holiday spirits.

I don’t really do gifts for Christmas (well, I don’t really do Christmas in general), but this year I gave my girlfriend some pretty nice jewelry and plan to take her out to dinner when she gets back into town. In return, she surprised me with a Wii U!


I’ve only got Nintendoland, but that’s still pretty fun

Yeah, pretty awesome surprise gift, eh? Other than that , some small stuff for the family, as we don’t give many gifts during the holidays. We’ve got the “big family dinner” kind of thing going on, so I’ve got to go help out or I don’t get to eat.

Anyways, Merry Christmas! Or if you don’t do Christmas, Happy Holidays! Or if that still offends you, then Happy Shut The Fuck Up! Talk to you guys soon.

darksoulsdance (2)

I’m off to eat stuffing. Here’s a dancing undead next to a mushroom


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