Gundam Games?


So I’ve been getting back into the Gundam series lately and I’ve been wondering if there’s any Gundam game out there that does the series justice. Having recently watched the entirety of Gundam 00 and keeping up with Gundam Build Fighters, I’ve been rekindling my long lost love between me and giant robots fucking shit up.





Like, I love me some fuckin’ mechs, and especially Gundams. Bonus points if the series is extremely corny and cheesy like G Gundam.

I haven’t played any Gundam game for any system except for one, so I’m starting off with a virtually blank slate. The one Gundam game I HAVE played was that second Gundam Dynasty Warriors crossover they did on the Ps3 forever ago. I’m not a big fan of hack-and-slashes, but it kept my interest for a few hours. Is that worth trying out or is it a big pile of horse dicks? There was one on the PS2 that got some praise but I’ve no clue what the name was.

Any recommendations from lovely people like you would be lovely.



2 responses to “Gundam Games?

  1. The SNES Gundam Wing fighting game is surprisingly good. Aside from that, the Ghiren’s Greed games are very good strategy games, but theyre in Japanese ;_;

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