Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 2015 Western Release


Western Hunter rejoice! Monster Hunter 4 is coming to the west in the form of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in early 2015. The original version of Monster Hunter 4 is getting an expansion in the form of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, just as Monster Hunter Tri got Monster hunter 3 Ultimate as an expansion. While the west won’t see the original Monster Hunter 4, we will be getting the expansion, which some see as simply skipping straight to the superior version.

While it’s great to see the fourth generation of Monster Hunter is getting a western release, I’m a bit upset on two points. The first point is that it’s releasing in early 2015. Seeing as the New Year was quite recent, the wait will be nothing short of agonizing. The second point is that I’m sad that we’ll be missing a title in the series. I”m a bit of an asshat when it comes to Monster Hunter, and missing out on a title will bother me tremendously. I might have to import MH4 when it gets cheaper because I”m that much of a goddaamn loser.


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