No Restrictions Wakfu?


So recently someone told me that the Asian servers for Wakfu are much better than the English servers. When I asked why, they responded  with, “Well, you actually do stuff.”  Turns out that on the English servers I was familiar with, you really couldn’t do much if you were a free to play player; in fact, it was almost a joke how restrictive it was.


What the English server offers is embarassing

Nevertheless, I still poked around and found it to be pretty fun, but I was still not able to progress much. On the Asian servers, however, these one billion restrictions simply don’t exist, meaning a free to play player gets a lot more mileage by playing on the Asian servers. While there are a few features you don’t have access to such as voting, the entirety of the game is accessible. What’s also nice is that the game is still in English and the latency is actually tolerable; I’ve been playing for a few days and I haven’t even noticed a bit of lag.

I figured that since I’ve talked about Wakfu before, I’d let you all know to play on the Asian server instead of the English one. Now that the game is actually accessible, I think I’m gonna try to put a little time into it before Dark Souls II comes out. If you guys want to check it out, register here and download the game. I play on the Phaeris server. As the cherry on top, the file size is pretty small too!


Sacrier bro here; hit me, I dare you


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