How is Dark Souls II?


So yesterday, Dark Souls II finally released after what seems like an eternity’s wait. From what I’ve heard so far, it’s really fun, but sadly, my broke ass is going to wait to get the PC version, which comes out on April 25th. I’m really fighting the  temptation to peek at what DaS2 has to offer, but I think I’ll stay strong.

For those of you who have it: How would you compare it to Dark Souls I? Is Agility as broken of a stat as I thought it was? Any fun covenants/weapons/spells? I’m anxious to hear a bit about it, but try to keep it spoiler free please <3


6 responses to “How is Dark Souls II?

  1. Its like if demon souls and dark souls had a baby. The game gives a very open worldly feel and doesn’t try to push you in any sort of direction resulting in a non linear feel, but it’s better that way. The exploration feels fresh. I’m curious about the bell defender covenant that Summons you as a dark spirit to stop other players from ringing a bell tower. The combat definitely has a different feel to it, and players who can’t riposte very well can look forward to using the new guard break. Overall I’ve played around 9 hours and finally got stuck on a boss. The boss is three enemies and I’m a melee character. But it’s okay, I’ve only been crying for 16 hours. My suggestion, buy it.

    • Ha, sounds like fun. I’m glad to hear it’s not split up into different worlds like Demon’s Souls was; I preferred Dark Souls’ open feel to DeS’ level selection thing

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