Happy Japanese Birthday Super Metroid


Just as it looks in the title! While it released in the U.S. on April 18, 1994 (The day right after my birthday!), Super Metroid released first in the land of the rising sun on March 19, 1994. on the Super Nintendo!



To celebrate, I tried to see how far I could get in an hour on an emulator. If you want to get in on the celebration, rev that fucker up and play some Metroid! Or watch Arino’s playthrough on Gamecenter CX.

This might also be a good time to mention that I love Gamecenter CX. Kacho on!

I’m really hoping to hear something new for Metroid this year; after Other M’s all-around failure, I’d hate to see the series end on a sour note. Even if Metroid were to die out after Other M, we still have awesome games like Super Metroid and Zero Mission to keep the legacy strong.

Don’t know Metroid at all? Check out my old guide to the Metroid series if you don’t know where to start! And take this picture of some space pirates playing their version of Dungeons and Dragons: Tubes and Metroids.


I love it


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