G Gundam – My Favorite Anime


G Gundam is a show that I watched when I was young and instantly fell in love with it. Giant robots, hammy writing, and hot-blooded goodness made G Gundam my favorite anime when I was younger, and after all of these years, G Gundam is STILL my favorite anime. In fact, I’ve rewatched the entire show over nine times. Whether that’s impressive or sad is up for debate.

For those who don’t know, G Gundam is a story set in the Gundam universe where each nation sends a Fighter who pilots a Gundam in the Gundam Fight held every four years. The winner of the Gundam Fight wins his nation the right to rule space and all space colonies. The story follows Neo Japan’s Gundam Fighter, Domon Kasshu, and his journey to win the Gundam Fight in his Shining Gundam.


Along the way, he searches for his brother, Kyoji Kasshu, who has stolen Neo Japan’s Dark Gundam, which holds frightening power. He also runs into powerful fighters such as Neo America’s Chibodee Crockett, Neo France’s George de Sande, Neo China’s Sai Saici, and Neo Russia’s Argo Gulski. With the help of his crew member Rain Mikamura, Domon must recover the Dark Gundam and win the Gundam Fight.

While being a serious offshoot from the normal “Gundam war drama,” and thee production values are pretty ass, G Gundam is great for people who like cheesy writing and fighting robots. For fans of hot-blood anime, give this a watch if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

Plus if you watch it, you get to run up to people and scream “ANSWER ME DOMON! THE SCHOOL OF THE UNDEFEATED OF THE EAST!”


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