Site Update!

Yeah, I know I’ve been pretty lazy with the blog lately, and yeah, I know I haven’t written anything in like, three weeks, but here I am once again to tell you guys about how I’m switching up the blog a bit.

For starters, I’ve noticed that I do mostly video games, which I’m okay with, but I’d like to post different things once in a while. Video games aren’t my only hobby, as I’m a big fan of anime, tabletop games, and building models, so I’m adding additional pages for them. I don’t know how often I’ll be updating them, but I want a place to put those kind of posts if I make them. Also, I’m going to try my best to not post as much video game news as I did; when I start going overboard with it, I start sounding like IGN or some shit. My blog is mainly video games, but at the core of things, it’s still MY blog, and I don’t just have one hobby.

To reflect on the update, I”ll also add a few site headers based on the new hobby pages I’m adding. I don’t know when they’ll go up, but they’ll get there sometime. I think.


  • Roll Initiative! – The Tabletop gaming section. Everything from stories to tips and inspiration for campaigns and characters
  • The Couch – Watch any good anime lately? Want to know my favorites movies? Check here!
  • Obe’s N’ Crafts – The section for any kind of small craft or model kits I do. This is a new hobby of mine so check it out!

Keep in mind that I’m still taking classes at school and I still work mornings, but I’m going to try my best to keep updating regularly. Sorry that I’ve been lazy about it, but I needed time away from typing all day long. The break’s over, so now I’m gonna try my best to not drop the ball.


Or revolver, in this case.



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