My Latest Haul

Recently I’ve come into a large amount of money and I’ve decided to treat myself. While the thought of buying a model of any scale of the U.S.S. Enterprise was floating around in my mind, I decided to stick with my main interest: Gunpla, or Gundam models.

The thing I like about Gundam models is that, besides being goddamn awesome, they’re good for all skill levels and you can really make something unique if you put the effort into it. I generally like to stick to High Grades that are around 5-6 inches tall because of their smaller size and price tag. Sure, you need to touch them up a bit, but there’d be no fun if there’s no extra effort in it.

Real Grade 1/144 Gundam Exia


The close quarter monster of Gundam 00 is finally getting the Real Grade treatment. Real Grades are just like High Grades standing at around 5-6 inches tall, but the level of detail on them is insane. sometimes outclassing models three or four times their price tag, Real Grades are serious business, and since Exia is one of my favorite Gundams of all time, I figured it’s time to  get good or go home.

High Grade 1/144 Turn A Gundam

system-a-99The infamous mustached Gundam from Turn A Gundam finally gets his first High Grade model. At first the design of the Turn A is really offsetting, but before I knew it I fell in love with its absolutely ridiculous design. Looking forward to sharpening his mustache to a nice, sharp point on both ends. I don’t think I”ll do any special modifications with him, but I might give him a paint job with the original colors to spruce him up a bit.

High Grade 1/144 Crossbone X Maoh


The first Crossbone variant to hit the scene and it’s just as cool as one would expect. Featuring a giant satellite cannon under his skull plate, the new Crossbone comes with a shitton of accessories and looks great with little effort. I’m thinking of adding a spooky black cloth to him, maybe a darker grey or black instead of the normal grey he’s primarily made of. Something to make him look more menacing than he already is.


Way too cool

High Grade 1/144 Gundam Nadleeh


The unit that hides inside of the heavy duty Gundam Virtue, Nadleeh has some rad hair-like cables and a sleek body going for it. Seriously, that hair is too cool to not like. While I’m keeping him (her?) relatively close to vanilla, I’m going all out and making a custom weapon for him/her/it. I was thinking a polearm of some kind, or a fancy looking gun, but definitely not a sword. God knows I don’t need MORE Gunpla swords laying around.

High Grade 1/144 Turn X Gundam

1-144-concept-x-6-1-2-turn-x-paA limited time reprint of the old Turn X from back in the day, I decided to get my hands on it because of its 12 dollar tag and the fact that I can put it next to its sworn enemy, the Turn A Gundam. An extra model for relatively cheap that bumped my order into free shipping? Yes please!

High Grade 1/144 Gundam X Maoh


The Gundam used by Yasaka Mao before switching to the Crossbone X Maoh has been the recipient of a lot of positive reviews. Taking that and its sexy design in mind, I thought to myself, “Eh, why not?” Don’t know if I’m doing anything special to it, but at most I’ll butcher it up for some custom models. Still, that X satellite on its back is GODDAMN sexy.

High Grade 00 Raiser Condenser Type


And here I thought that I’d never buy a 00 Gundam kit because of its design. While I’m not fond of the standard 00 Raiser, it has a lot of good parts that I look forward to at least having in my possession for potential custom models, and even if I don’t go chop shop on it, it still looks pretty alright. Just gotta do something about those bland as fuck legs.

So, final price tag? $148 in total. Yeah, seems like a lot right? Don’t worry; I plan on putting a lot of that money I  just came into in my savings, so dropping 150 bucks on models alone isn’t even an issue right now. Don’t worry; I’ve got my normal paycheck to pay for Dark Souls II PC on April 25th, and I’ve got another game in the mail as we speak, so I am SET, bitch. Sucks that the RG Exia, HG Turn A, and Crossbone are all preorders that don’t release till later in the month, so I have to wait till almost May to get my shipment, but all this loot for a little longer waiting? Pffffffffffffff, I’m down


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