Lucina and Robin Confirmed for Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U


Straight from Fire Emblem Awakening, one of the most popular strategy games on the 3DS,  comes Lucina and Robin. Lucina is a swift swordsman, while Robin the Tactician fights with sword and magical tomes.

So, first off, let’s get something out of the way.

Also, check out Sakurai calling out Nintendo on their negligence of F-Zero.


Shots fired.

So while Lucina’s moveset looks ODDLY FAMILIAR to Marth’s, Robin’s sword and paperback board style looks like a ton of fun. I wonder how each fighting style is going to be incorporated into a single moveset. Or maybe there will be a method of switching between melee and ranged quickly? And is Lucina really just a Marth clone? Is she the Roy of Smash 4? Will she be interesting in any way at all ever? Either way I love all of this Fire Emblem fanwankery, and to have Captain Falcon confirmed in the same trailer? Fucking hyped.

With Marth, Robin (and FemRobin), Ike, and Lucina all in, the number of Fire Emblem reps have doubled in a single day. Many people believed that Chrom would be announced as playable due to the famous Gematsu Smash Bros. leak, but I have a feeling that Sakurai knew what people knew what he was going to know so he knew to know something different. Having Chrom say, “I’ suppose I’ll get my chance another day” just REEKS of Sakurai brand rusemanship.

The Fire Emblem dickstroking combined with Ike being reconfirmed ages ago is sending my hype into the stratosphere. Now we keep praying for our homies Wolf and Ridley. Wario and Ganondorf also get a shoutout.


Also, I know I wasn’t around to write for the other newcomers, but in case you don’t know:

palutenaPalutena from Kid Icarus. Lots of customization


The one and only Pacman. Fights with retro games!


Customizable Mii Fighters. Looks lame, but are really neat looking after you watch them in action.


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