The Zoe Quinn Scandal?


Someone will get the joke

Everyone knows that video game journalism is very rigged. You pay for a good review, you get a good review, even if your game is complete dick. However, the entire internet seems to be in an uproar due to a particular woman, Zoe Quinn, and her recent gaming journalism “scandal.”

Zoe Quinn is reported to have slept with five men while in a relationship. While normally no one would give a shit about something like this, it’s been said that she slept with game devs and even a writer of the infamous Kotaku that supported her indie game, Depression Quest. With Kotaku involved, many sites are being subject to censors that are covering the story, and you know how the internet is with censorship. Zoe Quinn is now being used as an example to push the corruptness of gaming journalism into the spotlight. This video by the InternetAristocrat goes through the details. Warning for language but you people don’t give a fuck about that if you’re reading my site.

As stated in the video and proved by a casual stroll through the involved websites, everyone is in a blood frenzy to either put the involved people on the social chopping block or disprove anyone that insinuates the slightest accusation. Many well-known internet personalities like TotalBiscuit, JonTron, Egoraptor, Minecraft’s creator, Notch, and the dickcheese that is Phil Fish are involved in numerous debates spanning across 4chan, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. It appears Zoe Quinn’s story has sparked a fire on the Internet, and while normally I don’t care for celeb drama, I’m curious to see what the outcome is.


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