Super Smash Bros. 4 Leak?


You read that title right. According to a leaker under the name Izat True (oh Lord…), Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles and Bowser Jr are some of the characters included in a shockingly realistic leak of the new Super Smash Bros. game. While many characters look to be confirmed, Shulk and Bowser Jr are two of the characters to have gameplay videos.

Other leaked gameplay can be found on Izat True‘s Youtube channel.

Other newcomers and returning veterans shown by Izat True are as follows:


  • Wario – Returning
  • Game and Watch – Returning
  • Ganondorf – Returning
  • Falco – Returning
  • R.O.B. – Returning
  • Ness – Returning
  • Jigglypuff – Returning
  • Duck Hunt Dog – Newcomer
  • Shulk – Newcomer
  • Bowser Jr. Newcomer

Now the question we’re all asking. Considering the gameplay videos, is this leak legitimate? Nintendo hasn’t responded to this, so there’s a possibility that this leak could be the real deal. Looks like we’re just have to wait and see.


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