Monster Hunter x Metroid Crossover


Yeah, Metroid and Monster Hunter. About fucking time, am I right? In the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, all regions of the world have been confirmed to be receiving armor and weapons from the Metroid universe. These include the Power Suit, Zero Suit, and a hilariously oversized Arm Cannon that works like a Heavy Bowgun.

As seen in the video, bot the armor and the bowgun produce sound effects from the original Metroid on the NES, which I think is a nice little touch. Also, using the Yian Garuga as a Ridley stand in was genius.

The only thing I’m not crazy about is that the armor and weapons all use the Other M designs, which sadly have become the standard looks for Samus and Metroid in general these days. I’m a little sad Metroid Prime or Metroid: Zero Mission weren’t used, but I’m still hyped that my two favorite series are finally crossing over.


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