Berserk Films (2012-2013)


Here’s to hoping the boat debacle ends soon

Let me first say that I was very late to the Berserk train with my watching of the old anime about a year and a half ago being my entrance to the series.For those unaware of Berserk, it follows Guts, known as the Black Swordsman for his massive two handed sword, and his conflicts against Griffith, a charismatic and skilled swordsmen who used to be his close friend. The story is divided into many story arcs, with these three films in particular focusing on the Golden Age, where Guts comes into service for Giffith’s mercenary company, the Band of the Hawks.

While the 25 episode anime was very enjoyable, the three films released in 2012-2013 are some of my favorite animated films due to interesting characters and lowly mercenaries being cleaved in twain wielding what is essentially a large steel girder with an edge with supernatural shit popping up all over the place. The first film, Berserk: Golden Age Arc 1: Egg of the King, shows how Guts comes into service for Griffith and introduces the world and plot the long-running manga had already established. Berserk: Golden Age Arc 2: The Battle for Doldrey, follows the rise of the Band of the Hawks and fleshes out characters. Finally, Berserk: Golden Age Arc 3: Descent, is where shit hits the demonic fan and Griffith makes a decision that changes Guts and the Band of the Hawk’s lives forever.

While the series is very popular, even being a direct inspiration for Demon’s Souls, it’s quite graphic. the third film even portrays a plot-essential rape scene quite graphically. Another downside would be the abundance of CGI during fight scenes. While the rest of the movie has great production value, sometimes the CGI and the fact that there’s so much of it kind of detracts away from the good hand drawn assets. However, Berserk is easily one of my favorite series, with these movies being a great teller of all of the important parts (because cuts had to be made somewhere), and if you’re not familiar with it, I’d at least recommend watching these three films and continuing on to the manga if it hooks you


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