DnD 5th Edition?


So for those not involved in the hobby of tabletop role playing, the most recognizable game would probably be Dungeons and Dragons. A while back, the 5th edition of the game released, and for many months I’ve been enjoying weekly games. The system as a very good balance between distinct rules and flexibility, making it my favorite system currently and probably one of my favorites in general. I wanted to talk to you guys about it and share my experiences, but I wanted to see if any of my readers had any experience with it. Have you played 5th edition? Or maybe an older edition like 3.5 or 4? Never played a tabletop game?

Honestly, there’s a good chance that most of you are more video game people than traditional game people, an that’s understandable considering this is mainly a video game blog, but this is a blog about me moreso than vidya, so of course other hobbies leak in. If you guys are curious, I could easily do a “Getting Started” thing for those who are curious about the game. If there’s any interest I’ll write up a guide, but otherwise I’m mainly curious if anyone has played the system.

Also I don’t see the option to put in a Polldaddy poll and that’s horseshit


4 responses to “DnD 5th Edition?

    • It’s sad how the super religious still think the game promotes satanism and the like. If anything, I fucking hate cultists after how many I’ve had to deal with over the years.

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