Flashback: Roy Comes to Smash 4


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So a million years ago I wrote an article about why Roy of Fire Emblem 6 shouldn’t be added to Smash 4. Hilariously, Roy was added to Smash 4, as if Sakurai saw that article and said “Hey guys, let’s fuck around with Obe.” So here I sit, foot in mouth, as I embarrassingly write about how I feel about Roy coming back to the scene in an attempt to make new blog posts.

So, Smash 4 Roy? Honestly, I don’t mind too much. Seeing as the roster’s maximum size is only really restricted by development resources, it’s not like his inclusion kicked someone else off of the list. His redesign added some rockin’ bell bottoms and generally made him less boring to look at than he was in Melee. Also, he doesn’t suck dick this time around. In fact, he’s pretty damn good all around. Can hit like a truck, pretty fast, slightly better horizontal recovery; Smash 4 Roy blows the fuck out of Melee Roy by a mile.

I do have a bit of a problem with his playstyle. For one, Lucina was joked at as “Roy’s female replacement” due to her higher speed and lower attack range, but now that Roy the Boy is back in black, why even play Lucina? Hell, why play Marth? Roy’s rushdown game is so strong Marth and Lucina just don’t keep up with his high speed, stupidly powerful F-smash, and great aerials. You could say “WELL I LIKE MARTH BETTER,” and sure, I like him more too, but if you’re actually playing to win, you’d have to work a lot harder with Marth to do things Roy can do without as much effort. If you play Smash 4 seriously, you see a lot of Roys running around, adding or subtracting from his reputation however you see fit.

They had an opportunity to tune up his specials or alter them but didn’t really hop on it. Granted his A attacks are somewhat different and include Roy going reverse grip because of the sacred rule of cool, his specials remain untouched, including the “now everyone in Smash 4 has one!” Counter. Missed opportunity, but at least he doesn’t have a bad special and his Final Smash is rad as fuck.

Overall, the questionably sane Japanese and people who thought Roy was actually good in Melee got their wish granted, opening up the possibility of the rest of the cut Melee and Brawl fighters to be added back into the game. However, due to the shaky RNG of Fire Emblem 6 and his late promotion, Roy is still a pretty bad Lord. If he’s your favorite Lord, I’m happy for you, but your bad taste is probably terminal and you should consult a doctor.


If you want to comment, get ready for a lot of back and forth “muh opinions”



I can’t be the only person who was hyped as fuck to see his reveal


6 responses to “Flashback: Roy Comes to Smash 4

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  2. I hate how I have to buy all these new characters. Well im not. Lol but Ryu is definitely as amazing addition to the roster. :D

      • Yeah there’s no subspace emissary or anything. I did all the challenges. I don’t even play smash anymore. Lol

      • Yeah there’s no subspace emissary or anything. I did all the challenges. I don’t even play smash anymore. Lol

        • The online lag doesn’t even go away on a wired connection. I pretty much play it when friends come over, which sucks because I was looking for online play

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