New Backlog Page!


The only real thing that bothers me is that all of those pages are properly capitalized in the configurations but not on the page. Ugh.

If you play games, sooner or later you’ll say to yourself, “Man, I should get around to playing that,” and sometime after that, you might forget to. For many people, including myself, this list grows into a huge abomination called a backlog. Since I own this place, I figured I’d put my backlog on the site for all to see, so I’ve added a new “Backlog” page you can access pretty much from anywhere so you can see what games I’ve been meaning to play or finish.

One small problem though.

My backlog is a mental list, and as you may have guessed, I don’t remember things too good. As I’m writing this the list if quite small, but over time the backlog will grow with new released and the remembrance of older games. Stick with it though, because that list is going to be fucking huge one day. Mark my words


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