Review – Castle in the Darkness


It’s like Mega Man if he opted for melee combat

So since I’ve been out of the loop for some time I figured I should try to review a game from recent times. After browsing around I decided on Castle in the Darkness out of a recommendation from a Steam friend.

Castle in the Darkness came out back in the beginning of February, selling itself as an action game with RPG elements. This game is based off of old school Metroid and Mega Man games, meaning that it’s hard. Pretty damn hard. Honestly, I haven’t played it very long but I wanted to drop a quick blurb on it.

The game’s pretty fun overall, with it being fast-paced and fluid on top of pretty damn cheap. It’s not very deep or graphically advanced but it’s a decent game if you just want to pick it up and play for a while. If you liked high difficulty games like the Souls series and are itching for an old style side scroller, try it out.

yeah, this review sucks, but I gotta get back into the flow of these things.

And play newer games.


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