Review – Towel Required


Ever wish you could play an arena shooter game filled with naked old men? Well just recently a fellow named stuckeast released “Towel Required,” a game where you play a locker room attendant forcing forgetful old men to cover up for what is most likely horrible working conditions and minimum wage..

“FINALLY, a game made for ME and MY needs!”

Whatever, you fucking weirdo.

Towel Required is deceptively challenging. The number of old men steadily increases at an alarming rate as the search for ammo becomes more and more frantic. Avoiding the crowd with speed is key, as slowing down even for ammo can mean a vicious death, being beaten to death by old man dong. If you liked games like Hotline Miami or Tribes: Ascended, give this a try.

The game is simple but very fun, topped off with a silly premise. Go try it out. It’s super small in file size and, as the cherry on top, won’t cost you a cent.


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