Review – SkyForge


Not quite as godly as it lets on, but still pretty good

So for the past week I’ve been trying my hand at a new MMO called SkyForge. In reality, I only play one MMORPG these days, and you might be able to guess what it is, but a friend pointed me at this and I decided to give it a go.

Before I get started with my thoughts, keep in mind that I haven’t played long, with my play time being about a week and a half, so these are a bit more like my first impressions that an in-depth review. Also, the game is pretty new, only about a month.

So I’ll start off my review with the positives. The game has a really cool aesthetic going for it which I can only describe as “if the gods demanded sci-fi and medieval fantasy to have a love child.” You play as an immortal warping across the globe using an advance observatory, defending innocents from mobs and grabbing mad loot. Good graphics going up to great, decent music, and a combat system that doesn’t suck nuts. SkyForge has a live action combat system like TERA or Dragon Nest going for it, instantly making it more engaging than the traditional tab target crap some people love. It’s fun too; every class (that I’ve played) is fun and unique, with dungeons having dungeons long enough to not be boring.

Leveling and classes work differently than most MMOs as well. You have access to every class you’ve unlocked and can change classes freely. Classes are all linked on what is called the “Ascension Atlas”, similar to Final Fantasy X’s sphere grid. By moving along the nodes on the Atlas, you unlock abilities used in your currently chosen class and passive bonuses that apply to all of your classes. I love that class progression is more open than usual MMOs and you can choose which classes to focus on depending on what you’re building towards.

Sadly, no game is perfect, and SkyForge has its host of problems. First of all, the readily available class selection is donkey sacs. If you’re not interested in playing a Paladin, Cryomancer, or Lightbinder (Priest, essentially), you’re out of luck. You’re stuck with the base three classes until you work your way to another class on the Atlas, which usually takes about a week. Yeah, a week. I was looking forward to starting the game as a badass Necromancer, but I was stuck with Paladin slowly grinding towards the class I wanted to be in the first place. In a game like Dragon Nest, if you wanted to be a certain tier class, you at least got to its base form at level 15, which can easily be done with like, 2-3 hours of work just questing normally, and most of the skills that defined your class were in your first or second tier class anyways. For Skyforge, if you want to be a certain class that’s not the starting three, better get to grinding.


Speaking of grinding, the game’s a bit grindy. Yeah I know MMOs are kind of supposed to be a little grindy. After all, what’s an MMO without things to work towards? Sadly, Skyforge kind of goes overboard with it. Essentially, when you move across the Atlas, you spend Sparks to unlock the next node to gain its bonuses and open the pathway. This means that you spend a lot of time grinding for Sparks. A LOT of time. Like, that’s almost the entire focus of the game considering you’re moving across the Atlas till you’re out of places to go.

In all honesty though, I’m very pleased with what I wandered into completely blind and, in some situations, impressed. The Atlas progression is a little lame and the fact that you have to play for almost a week just to get to the class you wanted to be in the first place is also pretty lame, but if you expect to be playing for a long time it won’t even feel like that long.

Also, the game recently got a content update called “Crucible of the Gods,” bringing with it Prestige Scaling, Pantheon Updates, PvP updates, and a new Divine Atlas. Now’s a good time to try it out

Also the character creator has an ass slider.

IMG_0784Because who doesn’t like asses?


6 responses to “Review – SkyForge

  1. Hello. I did my “first impression” review after getting to 2500, but I didn’t rush and it took me three weeks. From the look of it, anything under 30k is lowlevel :P
    Despite having no healer class in here, I got to love Lightbinder, and I like Paladin. I’m in no hurry to unlock other classes, but I aim for Witch and Alchemic for sure. Still can’t understand why people nag at the classes, I can’t play my favourite class at all :P Oh yes, I could nag that I have to unlock other classes, when I’m not really interested in them… but what for?
    For me the game is less grindy than other grinders. Because there is more variables when going questing. And there are those x2 and x3. ;)

    • It’s not the classes I really have a problem with. It’s the issue that, say you wanted to be a non-base class, you have to play for quite a while just to get to where you want to be. If you like one of the base classes you’re in luck, but for everyone else you’re looking at a grind just to play the class you wanted to start as. Seems a little silly to me

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