Review – Darkest Dungeon

figure 1

Chances of a good outcome are slim. Get ready for a lot of corpses

So recently I’ve become engrossed with Darkest Dungeon, a rogue-like focusing on the mental stresses of adventuring in a grim world. Considering that I haven’t written in a week, you could say it’s not bad

Recently coming into ownership of a small hamlet filled with monsters, the player is asked to recruit adventurers to clear the area of vile creatures and take back the property. The adventurers you can hire are all of different classes and with their own personality quirks, so it’s very easy to make a party you like and have them feel unique. My most experienced adventurer was Caleb, an old Man-At-Arms focusing on front line fighting was a very cheerful man, yet he was not very good at gambling and had very deviant tastes, resulting in him being banned from the brothel. Unique characters like this pop up every time you come back from an adventure and it’s a lot of fun progressing with the heroes you like (that are lucky enough to survive).

The thing is, adventuring is very stressful. Stress is probably the biggest factor in this game as it determines how often an adventurer can journey and, if the stress starts becoming greater, can afflict your adventurers with various mental illnesses. I once had a party who, in a stressful situation, started to break down to the point of being unable to adventure anymore, as they had all become paranoid, selfish, and fearful enough to not behave properly in battle. I’ve had an adventurer become so stressed that he suffered a heart attack and died on the spot, which led to the rest of the party becoming even more stressed out. in Darkest Dungeon, stress and stress relief is paramount, for if your adventurers become afflicted with too many mental illnesses, there is a higher chance of them not functioning properly. Granted, you can pay for mental illnesses to be treated at the Sanitarium, it’s not unlocked immediately and treatment on top of normal stress relief can become very pricey very quickly.


Probably the worst illness right here. Nothing’s worse in combat than fucking up your formation and not performing on your turn, and this fucker does both. Ugh

While the game is very unique, it can be very difficult if you mismanage your resources. The fun comes from overcoming that difficulty though, so perseverance is key. The one major factor against this game is fucking up, which you’re prone to do first time around with no outside help. Once you fuck up, it usually takes a while to recover from just that one instance, not including the other times you may have fucked up while trying to fix that fuck up. The game is currently in Early Access but is a fun experience, so if you hate giving money for Early Access games, pirate it. I’ve no shame.

Also, to make the game easier in the beginning, I recommend upgrading your caravan at least once in both categories off the bat so you don’t have a shortage of adventurers to send to their deaths. You’ll avoid a lot of headaches and dead adventurers like this


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