Started a New Job

hobbytown-usaSo where have I been this past week-ish? Well I’ve been ironing out some things and, after living that unemployment life to take care of someone, started up a job at a local Hobbytown. For those who don’t know what a Hobbytown is, it’s a store dedicated to things people did a lot before the internet. Yknow, things like R/C cars and planes, modeling, train dioramas, and other little random things. It’s not exactly what I had expected from a job, but it’s super laid back so far, which I’m diggity down with. Plus, it’s all stuff that’s interesting to me, so it beats working in a clothing store or something of the like.


My first day pretty much consisted of avoiding my manager, who was ripping ass uncontrollably due to a violent protein shake

I’m hoping to get a little side money from working here to do some cool modelling projects, like a large scale diorama of some kind. I’ve seen a lot of cool examples in the past and it kind of got me keen to the idea of having a beautified hunk of landscape taking up too much space somewhere around my house.


Shit’s cool, yo

Sorry about ditching you guys for the past ten days, but I’m hoping to start writing on something right after this post, so if I don’t finish it tonight, expect it tomorrow.


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