Gundam – Reconguista in G


Captivating visuals but a story-telling train wreck…conguista. In G.

Yknow, I haven’t played any new games in a while. While I’ve been sitting around, thinking of what to write for the site, I luckily realized that a million years ago, I set myself up a section to talk about anime, leaving me free to watch and give my thoughts on anime in these video game lacking times. Thanks Past Obe.

Created for the 35th anniversary of the Gundam series, Gundam Reconguista in G started airing back in October of 2014 and recently finished airing in March of this year. Directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the man who wrote and directed Turn A Gundam, Reconguista in G (also called G-Reco by fans) was Tomino’s highly anticipated project after being out of the captain’s chair for a long time. With Tomino in charge and Kenichi Yoshida of Overman King Gainer and Eureka Seven designing the characters and mobile suits, nothing short of greatness was expected form G-Reco, but instead, we got a show with pretty animation but one of the hardest stories to follow in quite some time.

G-Reco is set in the Regild Century, the time period set right after the Universal Century that features big name series like the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, and Gundam Unicorn. Bellri Zenam, the intelligent and smug as shit protagonist, helps defend against a space pirate attack in which they acquire the main mobile suit, the G-Self/ For unknown reasons, only him, the previous pilot, a pink-haired woman named Aida Surugan, and a mysterious amnesiac named Raraiya Monday are the only people able to operate the G-Self. What follows is the outbreak of a conflict between two nations, the Capital Territory and Ameria.

Right off the bat. this show is gorgeous. Along with great animation, the world is interesting and nicely designed, particle effects are like tripping in front of a glow stick taped to a bicycle wheel, and most importantly, the mech designs are fucking rad. While not “the norm,” the suits in G-Reco all look very pleasing in one way or another, including the strange but familiar design of the G-Self and one of my favorite grunt suits, the Grimoire. Shout out to the Elf Bullock for being cool though. And the Mack Knife, whose name demans to be screamed in the style of an 80’s hair metal band. The Mack Knife has crotch torpedos and fires beams while breakdancing in space, fyi.


Top Row: G-Self and Grimoire. Bottom Row: Elf Bullock and MACK KNIIIIIIIIIIIIFE

The soundtrack is also spot on, with probably one of my favorite intros for the series and some good credits music, although the second intro and second credits are both vastly inferior to the first ones, but hey, opinions.

Even for commercial breaks, the show features key characters performing a quick dance routine. Odd, but damn, some of these people know how to style on a mothafucka.




Now the big flaw: the story. is it bad? It might not be, but honestly the show is so against the idea of you understanding what’s going on you might not catch everything on your first time through the show. Sometimes it got to the point where I just said “I have no idea why that battle happened.” No, I wasn’t half-watching or anything. Every time I sat down for G-Reco I always focused on it and took the time to memorize who was who and why they did things but Jesus fuck it got so bad sometimes I gave up on certain scenes. “And then they fought because fuck it, then they went to…” was not an uncommon thought. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, as many other people also had the same thoughts. Good to know I’m just sort-of stupid, not completely stupid.

Overall, I don’t hate the time i put into G-Reco. I just wish I understood it more the first time through. And no, it’s not like Big O or something where thing are just really fucking cryptic or anything. The actual storytelling is the only real flaw in G-Reco, so if you can put two and two together with minimal details then you might enjoy or flat out love G-Reco for its beautiful visuals and likable cast of characters (for the most part).

Also Raraiya melts my heart every time. She was the light in this dark tunnel at times

tumblr_ncwxc5KXlR1sinohgo1_500Raraiya was the best character that wasn’t Captain Mask. Fuck the haters



2 responses to “Gundam – Reconguista in G

  1. Thanks for the review! I actually ran out of things to watch and now I finally have something. Plus! I now know a bit more about it! Keep up the fine work!

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