Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


Is it Wrong to Kill Monsters in the Name of Tits and Ass?

So, lacking any good games to talk about, I decided to check out another anime. I wanted something a little different that my usually slop and stumbled upon the lengthy title of “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”. Naturally, this caught my eye almost immediately as thoughts of some Joe Schmoe running around in dungeons getting swole and doing cool shit to impress girls filled my head. Did “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” deliver on that promise? Read on, my curious viewers.

“Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” thankfully shortens to DanMachi in japanese, but I have elected to refer to it as “IIWTTTPUGIAD?” because it sounds like someone strangling a man choking on a frog. Originally a light novel series, it has had a manga adaptation and most recently this anime adaptation. For the sake of my free time and this review, I’ve not touched the light novels, as I’ve recently clumped too much on my “shit to watch” list.

“IIWTTTPUGIAD?” tells the story of the gods and goddesses who have chosen to live on the earth alongside humanity, granting blessings to adventurers who join their groups called Familia. These adventurers pillage the nearby dungeon regularly and murder the monsters within, collecting valuable resources for all sorts of trades and rarities.

This show follows a young boy named Bell Cranel, an extremely low level but aspiring adventurer in service to the god Hestia, the resident titty monster known for her shitty familia consisting of one member and no funds. Bell wanders too far into the dungeon one day and is attacked by a fearsome minotaur, who is shortly defeated by Ainz Wallenstein, local airhead and master swordsman. Bell falls in love with her, which causes a strange skill that promotes abnormal stat growth to appear on his skill list. Unknowingly using his new skill, he strives to surpass Ainz’s strength and, ultimately, give her an express trip to pound town.


Actual clip from episode 9 1/2 where Bell seduces Ainz for the Krabby Patty formula.

Along his wacky adventures he slowly assembles his own harem consisting of a buffet variety of women like the titty monster, the loli, the tsundere, the nerdy girl, the spaghetti lord, the semi-tribal mocha twins, and others, but has his sights set on Ainz, leaving a mob of perfectly thirsty women to dry up like fish in the sun, which I will take a quick second to comment on how delicious dried fish can be with just some rice.


My mouth waters just thinking about it. Man I miss parental cooking skills, but hey, #OutOfTheHouseLyfe

So, what’s good about “IIWTTTPUGIAD?” you say? Well, it’s a bit of an underdog tale watching Bell try to catch up to everyone else’s level of skill. Watching Bell go from shitty to not as shitty and complain about being broke has a “low level MMO” vibe to it, which can be charming if you were an MMO player at any point in your life. It also has some pretty good action sequences, with a big highlight on Bell having a pretty legit showdown with the minotaur that attacked him in episode one after it has mysteriously become more powerful. That fight scene was probably the highlight of the show so far. Also, if you’re a fan of ecchi, this show has women everywhere. Tits and ass as far as the eye can see.



The bad part about “IIWTTTPUGIAD?”? Well, as you watch it, Bell slowly starts becoming “central character who wears black who is very powerful for his level, uses two bladed weapons, and is surrounded by women when in reality he only pines for a certain badass female sword fighter.” Sound familiar?


The SAO studio did this anime too, didn’t they? It just feels the same

Yeah, it starts to feel very Sword Art-y a little ways in. Bell Cranel and Kirito even share the same voice actor, making it feel even more like Sword Art Online. I’ll admit that if you, for some reason, like more than two episodes of Sword Art Online, you’ll probably enjoy “IIWTTTPUGIAD?” a lot since they have a lot of similarities. Bell is also a little more likable that bean burrito, who was strangely the only obviously lifeless character from SAO. Nevertheless, Bell is on a dangerous bee-line towards “horrible fucking character” territory, but I feel that his character still has a chance at redemption. Also, if you’re not a huge fan of ecchi anime like myself, you’ll probably get tired of seeing tits and ass every two seconds. Yeah, women are nice to look at, but sometimes you’ll just want to skip to an action scene because everything else was so boring.

So, final verdict on “IIWTTTPUGIAD?”? Given that at the moment of this shitty article’s conception there is only 13 episodes, go ahead and give it a watch. It’s got nice animation and enough charm to warrant the 3 to 4 hours all of the episodes  together require. I found it a lot easier to stomach than Sword Art, so if you didn’t really like SAO like most people with working brain functions, you might like “IIWTTTPUGIAD?”. Crunchyroll is in charge of streaming this internationally, so you don’t even have to download anything. Here, I’ll even put a link to it right here for you. Pretty convenient, eh?

My only real gripe with this show is the blatant false advertising. Not once has there been an attempt to win the heart of a female on any dangerous floor. Although females HAVE been physically lifted due to life-or-death situations, it’s not quite the same, like trying to replicate a restaurant’s recipe at home and having the taste not quite up to snuff

2/10 shitty advertising you should all consider suicide

Just kidding, go check it out. Won’t hurt too much.


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