Review – FTL: Faster Than Light


Maybe if I stop volunteering for rescue missions that end up with my crew dying I’ll get FTL (Farther Than Last time).

Hey, look at me go! I’ve decided to play a game on my backlog! Since I’ve been in this slump of “no new games to play” I decided to poke around my backlog and, well, FTL is a cheap game, so why not try it out?

FTL: Faster Than Light released like three fucking years ago and really caught my eye when I saw its trailers. For those who don’t know, FTL is a space ship simulator with rogue-like elements, meaning the game has a lot of variety in gameplay. Top it off with very flexible and customizable space vessels and you’ve got a game with a lot of replayability.

Keep in mind that I haven’t played a lot of FTL so far (about 15 hours) so this is more of a first impression and review of what I’ve played so far. I also won’t say much because, well, this came out 3 years ago and I’m sure most of you people have played it, but I haven’t, which is why we’re here.

So, right off the bat? This game can get kinda hard at times, but in a special way. While the majority of it is challenging and mostly fair, it can be really punishing if you make even a small error. Like, “I forgot to do one thing and now half of my crew is dead” kind of punishing. Like, “sure we can help with your station fire oh god my pilot is dead”. kind of punishing.

It’s also unpredictable as hell due to it being procedurally generated, but that’s also part of the fun. Flying into unknown territory is suspenseful and spooky as fug.

With all of that, what’s good about FTL? First off, the music. Jesus Christ on a stick this soundtrack is great. Nothing beats coasting through space with such a relaxing ambient track. The simulation gameplay is also really engaging, and you end up more invested than you thought you’d be.

Overall, this is a really fun game and I feel lame for not playing it sooner. If you haven’t played FTL like me and need a simulation game to sink some time into, try this out.

Also, a quick moment of silence for my fallen crew mates. They will be missed.





Mr T.

T. Nasty






D. Kong

Decisions were made and outcomes came out. Let us not look back in regret, but forward in blissful lack of empathy and spur of the moment decisions that don’t take into account the value of spacenoid lives.


I’m not a good captain.

Now get the hell off of my backlog, FTL.


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