Fire Emblem: The Tides of War v1.2


The update might be new, but war… war never changes.

A while back I posted about Fire Emblem: The Tides of War, a tabletop strategy game I designed and published myself. Based in the Fire Emblem universes, you get a group of people together and create your own stories and battles akin to the video games.

While being the second time I have posted about the game itself on the site, v1.2 marks the third iteration of the game. The game has proven to be popular here and I’m determined to now keep the game as balanced and as fun as possible.

v1.2 mainly focuses on rebalancing classes and mechanics to be either more logical or more in line with their source material. Two major renovations were the stat growth generation system, which now relies on static numbers to prevent horrible stat growths on a unit, and the implementation of the Reclassing system found in Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow, Awakening, and Fates, currently only released in Japan.

You can download Fire Emblem: the Tides of War v1.2 and earlier versions of the game at this Dropbox link.


December 2, 2015

  • Archer stat penalties modified from -2 Defense to -2 Magic
  • Fighter stat penalties modified from -2 Defense to -2 Resistance
  • Fighter skill changed from Zeal to HP+5
  • Pirate stat penalties modified from -2 Speed to -2 Skill
  • Soldier base stat penalties modified from -2 Str/Mag/Skl/Def/Res to -1 Str/Mag/Skl/Def/Res
  • Druid promotion bonuses modified from +3Mag/Res to +3Def/Res
  • Manakete and Laguz level cap lowered from 25 to 20
  • Growth Rate generation methods revised to prevent unusably low growth rates and regulate abnormally high growth rates
  • Growth Rate Table removed due to revised growth rate generation procedures
  • Support Bonuses rebalanced to provide useful bonuses at each rank
  • Weapon Experience readjusted to prevent weapon ranks from improving too quickly
  • Implementation of Reclassing mechanics
  • Added new item: Second Seal

I hope that fans of the system enjoy the improved mechanics and people looking to try the system find the enjoyable game I aspired to make. and as always, I hope you all have fun with it, pass along stories of your experiences, and ask here on the site about any questions you may have.

Enjoy v1.2 everyone! While I will continue to refine the system, stay tuned for another huge content update coming in the future regarding Fire Emblem: Fates!


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