Playstation 2 Games on the Playstation 4?


Is Dark Cloud the first of many PS2 ports?

Earlier today a video was reported to be leaked on the official European Playstation Youtube channel. In the video, one of my favorite games of all time, the Playstation 2 title Dark Cloud, was shown to be playing on the Playstation 4. It also seemed to be somewhat graphically enchanced, boasting improved textures and better framerates before being taken down by Sony.

This means a lot of things. One point is that Dark Cloud is most likely getting ported to the Playstation 4, meaning that the Dark Cloud series has (hopefully) not been abandoned. What this means for the Dark Cloud 3, which was announced to be in development but has had no further information released on it, is unknown, but if there is a God out there, Dark Cloud 1 and 2 will be on the same platform as the eventual Dark Cloud 3.

Another good point is that Sony has been working on a way to emulate Playstation 2 games on the Playstation 4, meaning other PS2 classics may be getting a port to the PS4 with potential enhancements. These include 1080p resolutions, Playstation Network trophies, and support for the Vita’s second screen feature.


Many people have misconstrued this as backwards compatibility with Playstation 2 discs, but that’s simply not the case. The Playstation 4 was not designed to be backwards compatible with PS2 or PS3 discs, meaning people interested in these potential ports will have to buy them digitally, being played on the PS4 via emulation methods. A bummer for those not interested in rebuying their older games, but a great option for those who missed out on some of the PS2’s more popular titles.


Yeah I know it already had a port to the Wii under the name Monster Hunter G, but I’d buy a Monster Hunter 1 port pretty quickly.

Sony hasn’t responded to the leak yet, but hopefully they’ll  announce this officially soon so more details will be released. Personally. I don’t care for the option, as I play my PS2 games on my computer or my old-but-still-alive Playstation 2, but as long as the titles stay cheap, it’s a nice option to have. Still, if I stumble upon ownership of a Playstation 4, I just know my future self would buy Dark Cloud just to show Level 5 that people still like this series.


Release Dark Cloud 3 god dammit


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