Review – Helldivers PC


With all the shit you’ll be running and shooting through, the name Helldivers couldn’t be more appropriate

Lately I’ve been nose-deep writing for my Fire Emblem tabletop game and haven’t been really playing very many video games. While stumbling around my usual sites, I came across a webm of what appeared to be a soldier and his comrade-in-arms frantically running through an alien battlefield. They desperately try to survive, throwing grenades, calling in artillery, and frantically dodging one another’s gunfire as they wait for their dropship to land and whisk them away to safety.

Needless to say, I was pretty fucking interested. Then I learned that it was only on the PS3, PS4, and Vita.



Well, kinda lame. Maybe I’ll get it for the PS3. THEN I learned it got ported to the PC only 4 days ago.



Helldivers, which was originally released in March of this year, recently got a release on Steam. Made by Arrowhead Game Studios, the people behind the popular Magicka games, Hellldivers is a twin stick co-op shooter focusing on your exploits as a disposable soldier in an intergalactic campaign to spread democracy to alien species in the name of Super Earth. Friendly fire is on full force in this game, meaning coordination with your teammates is essential if you don’t want to end up filling each other with bullets. If you manage to not be shot to death, you have to fight your way through hoards of one of three alien species to complete objectives on the battlefield, then hold your own at the extraction point. Each player has access to special commands called Stratagems, however, that vary in function for different situations, such as calling in an air strike, sending down a defensive machine gun turret, or summoning a box of supplies to refill your ammo.

Now I know that I’m late to the original release, but this quick review will focus on the PC port recently released on Steam and not the PS3/PS4/PSVita versions.

First off, the PC version lacks any capability to fidget with graphical options, even basic shit like graphic quality. It basically boils down to resolution, shadow quality, and VSync, a whopping three options. However, the default graphical quality isn’t too bad, meaning lower end machines will also be able to run the game well.

The game feels great with mouse and keyboard controls, although the port still retains the two stick controller compatibility from the PS3/4/Vita. The controls feel fluid and natural regardless of chosen control scheme, which is a big plus in an any action game. The music is pretty good as well, although I personally started to play other music after the first few missions for a different kind of tension.

Overall I’d say Helldivers’ PC release is a great addition to the PC library. While the DLC is a little ridiculous and costs more than the base game itself, you can save some money and pick up the game and the DLC for a reduced cost. Still, even if you opt for only the base game, Helldivers on PC is a fast and fun game only made better by calling a drop pod of supplies onto your friend’s head. Don’t expect him to help you get past those aliens as the drop ship comes down after that one though.


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