Fire Emblem: The Tides of War v1.3


I can design and implement an entire tabletop system but I forget the chapter for Status Effects not ONCE, but THRICE.

So I forgot to post this last week and today’s Smash reveal of Corrin made me realize, “Oh shit, I didn’t upload that update.”

So, here we are. The Tides of War v1.3 doesn’t change a lot, mainly being focused on a few minor edits. The main addition to v1.3 is the addition of the page for status effects, which for some reason I left out of every release thus far, and making the formula for a unit’s total damage more prominent. It also fixes some item rankings and the formulas on equipment that induces status effects. Bearing no huge mechanical changes, v1.3 can be skipped, but usually the latest version is worth having.

These changes and updates were prompted by a reader, Liam, who is receiving a special thanks for not only helping to proof read the system, but for giving feedback on the game. Knowing someone out there is enjoying the game makes the project feel like it’s worth it, so thanks dude.


It helps. Really

As always, you can find the current version and every previous version on the Dropbox link present in every update page, including this one.


December 9, 2015 (almost a week ago. Muh bad guys)

  • Added the Status Condition page I can’t believe has been missing since v1.0
  • Edited formulas on items that induce status effects
  • Singular Level 10 promotional skill restriction lifted to appeal to those who like to reclass a lot like Awakening but kept as an optional rule in the form of Second Seal availability restriction via Game Master manipulation
  • Fixed Steel Lance weapon rank from E to D
  • Made the formula for Damage more prominent for easier reference
  • The table reference used in the Leveling Up page has been edited

If you’re a fan of the system, keep an eye out for an astronomically HUGE update coming out very soon. The new Fates games are coming to the Tides of War and I hope all of you get excited as I am to release it.


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