Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Remastered



Holy shit guys, fucking Turok. FUCKING. TUROK. Now there’s a name I haven’t said in ages. Original released in 1997 on the Nintendo 64, today marks the release of a true labor of love: a complete HD overhaul of the original game.

If you couldn’t tell by the video, you play a Native American warrior who has inherited the title of the Turok, a time-traveling warrior who has to stop evil alien baddies and dinosaurs with power armor and lasers strapped to their fucking heads by running through stages with a mixture of traditional Native American weaponry and fully automatic firearms. Remember that dream you had when you were a kid where you used a laser rifle to fight off dinosaur aliens? Yeah, Turok.


-insert childish explody noises-

This re-release of Turok: Dinosaur hunter is not simply a 1:1 port. The graphics and performance have been fine tuned and the level design has been slightly modified to make for less confusion in some key areas. Other than that, the original music, weaponry, and enemies fans came to love are unchanged, making for an HD remake that shows someone with real passion was behind it.

Although the price is a tad higher than I’d like it to be, being an 18 year old game at its essence, the studio responsible for the remaster, Nightdive Studio, has stated that the possibility of another Turok HD remaster depends on this remaster’s success, meaning that Turok fans who want another remake will be eager to support their efforts.

EDIT: Nightdive has already confirmed work on Turok 2. That was easy!

Also be sure to scream “I AM TUROK” often as you play the game. It really helps with the immersion.


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