Fire Emblem: The Tides of War v2/Fates


Get ready for classes, promotions, and skills out the ass

The biggest content update since the release of the game is finally here! The v2/Fates update, with a silent slash, updates The Tides of War with all of the new classes, skills, and game mechanics found in the new Fire Emblem: Fates games being released in the U.S. in February.

The rulebook has also undergone refinement to the class sections, featuring the new artwork from the Fates games. Sections have been streamlined and some of the various art pieces found in the rulebook have been swapped out for some beautiful pieces of artwork from the new Fire Emblem trading card game found only in Japan, Fire Emblem Cipher.

This content was a major pain in the ass to add in, but through perseverance and a few spreadsheets, I was able to finish it in time for the beginning of 2016. I really hope you all would take a look through it and look at the new content as I worked unhealthy bouts of long hours to get this to you all.

As usual, the v2/Fates .pdf as well as the previous versions of the game can be found on the Dropbox link. I’ll also be posting the changelog, which is a doozy this time around. Thank you to those interested in the project and I highly appreciate the support!


December 23, 2015

  • Added three classes from Fire Emblem: Awakening I forgot to implement
    • Taguel, Trickster, Dark Knight
  • Added a ton of classes featured in Fire Emblem: Fates
    • Some classes merged with existing classes to avoid uninspired overlap (ie Holy Lancer and Halberdier)
    • New Base Classes: Fox Spirit, Garou, Herb Merchant, Ninja, Nohr Prince/Princess
    • New Promoted Classes: Basara, Blacksmith, Dark Blood, Elite Ninja, Golden-Kite Warrior, Great Merchant, Maid/Butler, Managarm, Nine-Tailed Fox, Puppeteer, Revenant Knight, Weapon Master, White Blood
  • Due to not needing a promotional item in Fire Emblem: Fates, a new item, Beast Seals, allows a Fox Spirit or Garou to promote as a unit would do in previous games.
    • Herb Merchants require an Orion’s Bolt to promote, Ninjas require an Ocean Seal to promote, and Nohr Princees/Princesses require a Heaven Seal to promote.
  • Removed the gender restrictions on the Pegasus Knight, Pirate, Fighter, Dread Fighter, and Bride classes due to removal of gender locked classes in Fire Emblem: Fates
  • Rebalanced many base classes’ Class Stat Adjustments to better work with the Standard Array
  • Added the Forging mechanic found in Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates.
  • Added new skills featured in Fire Emblem Fates
    • Open Assault, Voice of Peace, Roundhouse, Confined Defense, Attack Stance+, Stubborness, Flowing Strike, Swallow Strike, Bind, Devilish Wind, Tactical Guide, Locktouch, Distinguished Son, Cut Through, Mirror Strike, Defensive Formation, Awakening, Diamond Strike, Guard Stance+, Magic Drain, Kunaibreaker, Battle Command, Odd Fang, Beastbane, Effective Medicine, Household Cure, Snake Venom, Song of Peace, Even illusion, Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Servant’s Joy, Ogre Strike, Draconic Shield, Hoshido, Draconic Curse, Nohr, Strength Seal, Line of Death, Smithy Skill, Easy Life, Extravagance, Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet, Kunaifaire, Breaking Sky, Flamboyant, Soar, Sun God, Deadly Breath, Overbearing, Even Nap, Four Fangs, Odd Cry
  • Added the personal skill feature found in Fire Emblem: Fates as an optional rule for Game Masters to use as they desire
    • Absent-minded, Absolute Offense, Absolute Protection, Absolute Support, Ambush Duty, Arrogance, Azure Dance, Beautiful Flower, Beautiful King, Bewitching Flower, Blood tingling, Blossoming Mind, Butler’s Fear, Calmness, Cold-Blooded, Competitive, Curse Reflection, Desperate Struggle, Dirty Fight, Divine Retribution, Dragon Child, Encouragement, Explosive Flame, Farmland Master, Flame Blood, Foul Play, Friendship Oath, Get Rich Quick, Girl Lover, Gratitude, Haiku, Healing Voice, Ice Blood, Intimidate, Killer Instinct, Ladies First, Little Cheer, Lucky Soul, Mysterious Appeal, Ninja Reversal, Nohr-Hater, Perfectionist, Pick Up, Play-Time, Positive Thinking, Prayer of Bonds, Righteous Bravery, Rivalry, Scavenge, Sweet Tooth, Tactical Teachings, Tenacity, Timid, Tomboy, Tuning, Unlucky Soul, Victor’s Delight, Victory Conviction, Way of the Knight, Way of the Samurai, Wicked Fantasy, Wind Blood, Woman’s True Nature
  • Added new items
    • Nohrian Dragonstones, Beaststones, Beaststones+, Gold Coin

No pls, I worked hard ;_;


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