Fire Emblem Fates US Release


Would you believe that I wrote this last night but forgot to publish it? Well, that’s what happened, so my bad guys. Also, apologies for not writing for so long. Been working on some personal projects and-


Alright Ike, damn ;_;

Anyways, Fire Emblem Fates has finally released in the U.S. with two main games, Fire Emblem Conquest and Fire Emblem Birthright.

As you can imagine, I’m excited to get my hands on my copy, but I’m not bothering to open it. Why you may ask? I’ve actually been playing the Special Edition of Fire Emblem Fates for about a month and a half now via certain 3DS exploitations. I wasn’t able to get my hands on a localized version of the special edition and spending what equates to around $80 bucks in total was just a bit silly to me, so after a little internet magic I got my hands on the fan translated version of Fates.

“But why even bother picking up a physical copy?” To support the series of course. Sure, it’s been overrun with waifu petting, which was mostly removed in the western release,  and a horrible weaboo community, but after Fates’s gameplay mechanics bringing a fresh breath of air to the series, I’m not abandoning all hope and leaving it to die. Besides, I’ve got to get all of the localized English names for weapons, skills, and classes to update my tabletop game system.

Expect a review pretty soon as I’ve already played quite a bit. Also, for those who played Awakening on Hard, which was that game’s equivalent of Normal difficulty, don’t expect that same pattern if you choose to side with Nohr. Conquest Hard Mode is actually pretty brutal and I disdain any thought related to Conquest Lunatic mode, so be warned, niggas.


My face entering Hard Mode Chapter 10 on Conquest. That’s some mean shit.

Also, a random fact I never get to tell people that is strikingly relevant. The phrase “Blood is thicker than water” is actually short for “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” which means the relationships you personally deem significant will always be stronger than familial bonds. Do with that what you will.


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