Fire Emblem: The Tides of War v2/Fates.1


Hey all. Been a while eh? Updating so often just didn’t work out as well as I’d hope it would. At the time, I was working a night shift security job that was just utterly draining me. Combined with the very smoky environment leading to health problems, I’ve had to leave that and have been on the hunt for a stable job since. Lately I’ve been feeling the FE itch and I’ve stumbled upon a lot of free time, so I figured it was time to finally tackle the next update for The Tides of War!

This time around marks the translation of all of the new Fates content under their localized western names. Along with that, the Laguz and Manaketes received more skills and new character generation methods to hopefully balance out the nonhuman races and make them more viable in higher level play.

Additionally, features such as Base Stat generation have been streamlined to lessen confusion and the Anima Magic Trinity from the Jugdral and Tellius series has been implemented as an optional rule, making the possibility of a three tiered weapon trinity an option for groups who want more in-depth play.

Many classes received a balance change in their Base Stat Adjustment and in their Skills to reduce the overlap between similar classes and further refine each class into their video game equivalents. Additionally, every Class and Tribe receive HP Gain Adjustments and maximum HP caps.

The new Fire Emblem: The Tides of War update can be found here in the Dropbox link along with all of the older versions of the game.

I don’t know if I’ll go back to updates like I used to seeing as how blog posting something interesting every day or every other day is kind of difficult, but I always check in the check messages and stuff. Regardless, I’ll probably be uploading another project of mine soon so expect that. Until then, take care guys.


August 31, 2016

  • All Japanese translated named for Classes, Skills, and Items now translated to match their localized names
  • Base Stat generation changed from an array plus a pool to a larger pool to avoid confusion
  • HP Gain Rates for most of the first tier classes adjusted
  • HP Caps for all Promoted. Laguz, and Manaketes implemented
  • The Dual Magic Trinity from the Jugdral and Tellius series have been implemented as an optional rule
  • Anima Tomes now broken down into Fire, Wind, and Thunder elements to utilize the new optional Dual Magic Trinity
  • New Anima Tomes implemented to fill the gaps created from expanding the previous singular Anima Tome selection
  • Manaketes now acquire three skills as opposed to two (See entries)
  • Laguz Maximum Level changed from 20 to 25
  • Laguz now roll 1d6 instead of 1d8 to determine their Current Stats at character generation
  • Laguz now acquire four skills in total as opposed to two (See entries)
  • Heron Tribe Laguz now acquire appropriate Galdr skills (See Skills section)
  • Pirates now gain Speed+2 at level 1instead of Strength+2
  • Falcoknights now gain Stun at level 5 instead of Adept
  • Nomads now gain Bowbreaker at level 10 instead of Shurikenbreaker
  • Warriors now gain Axefaire at level 5 instead of Death Blow
  • Dark Knights now choose between Dark and Anima Tome proficiency
  • Sages lose Light Tome proficiency
  • Dancers/Bards/Singers now choose between Sword or Lance proficiency

One response to “Fire Emblem: The Tides of War v2/Fates.1

  1. Hey, you realize that the Growths aren’t given a larger pool now, right? 15 points to spread across 7 stats makes for incredibly weak characters. Of course, the array +15 points struck me as quite weak as well; was a variance of 1-3 points from the 1.3 version really that unbalanced?

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