Metroid Marines v1


Hey all. Just dropping in the upload a very old tabletop project of mine. Dubbed Metroid Marines, players can explore the Metroid universe through the eyes of Galactic Federation Marines.

While very similar to the concept of Metroid Prime: Federation Forces, the project was conceptualized and produced before the announcement of the game, although the exact date has been lost due to not recording it anywhere. The pdf says it was created on March 14th, 2015 and system creation took at least a month and a half, so let the record show that Metroid Marines came first. Suck on that Nintendo.


This version of Metroid Marines is the current version of the game, although an updated version is currently being worked on due to myself being particularly nitpicky about my old work. My choice of font and colors, while better in an artistic sense, lead to a bit of  personal regret, so formatting changes are coming alongside updated and expanded content. Regardless, this blog is a record of all things I wish to keep up with, so the first version will be uploaded and available until the updated edition comes out hopefully before the middle of this week. The core exploration gameplay is unchanged between editions, so feel free to read and gauge your personal interest in the project before moving onto the updated one.

While this is is the first post I’ve made about the game on this blog, it has been circulating on 4chan’s /tg/ board for, well, at least a year I know that much. Although this was completed during a time where I did not update this blog much, I still hope that the few people who pass through here and those who find this site through the pdf enjoy my work  and look forward to the updated game. My own group had a great time sneaking past Grenchlers and tricking them into eating DetPacks, so I hope you use this chance to explore Metroid’s expansive universe.

The download link for Metroid Marinesv1 can be found in this Dropbox link.

It has also just occured to me during typing this that the character sheet needs updating too. -sigh-

It’s kind of funny how you can be so okay with something then want to completely overhaul it so badly out of the blue.


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