Metroid Marines v2


The updated Metroid Marines is here! Featuring a massively expanded core gameplay as well as a multitude of new character functions, Metroid Marines v1 further fleshes out the base gameplay established in v1. Here’s a brief run down of the new mechanics:

  • The new Resolve Aptitude tests your Marine’s mental fortitude and instincts
  • The new Traits system gives each Marine a Positive, Neutral, and Negative personality trait to expand upon character roleplay and mechanics
  • The cumulative HP pool for Marines and creatures  is now separated into individual Hit Locations for more in-depth. limb-based targeting and injuries.
  • Revamped combat allows more dynamic interactions in a skirmish. Action and Reaction Points fuel new maneuvers such as Suppressive Fire, precision Aiming, Melee Interception, and Assisting allied units
  • New Status Conditions make injuries and creature abilities more intimidating and dangerous
  • Various levels of Stress now test a Marine’s Resolve and morale in dire situations
  • Revamped creature creation methods to accommodate the new Hit Location system

Metroid Marines v2 and the accompanying character sheets can be found in this Dropbox link.

I really hope this new mechanics add a layer of depth to the game that makes playing the game much more exciting. As always, if you play the game with your friends or spot some typos or have a suggestion, let me know. Till then, I hope you all have fun in the Metroid universe.

See You Next Mission


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