Metroid Marines v3


For some reason it seems that my original post about Metroid Marines v3 had not shown up properly. After rewriting and posting it again, the post vanished once again. So here’s my third attempt at uploading the updating Metroid Marines game.

The major change in v3 is the abolishment of the rigid class structure in favor of the new Vocation System, which allows a player to customize their unit with talents and proficiencies to suit their personal style. Many facets of combat and monster creation have been tweaked and adjusted as well.

You can find the new Metroid Marines v3 as well as older versions and my other tabletop game based on Fire Emblem at this Dropbox link.

Now let’s pray this fucking post stays this time because I’m tired of having to rewrite this.


Incomprehensible amphibious rage is kind of how I feel about my vanishing posts


2 responses to “Metroid Marines v3

  1. Hey, I’ve noticed a couple minor mistakes throughout the pdf, on page 17, rifle focus doesn’t actually give any benefits, and on page 12, there’s no listed Talent Rank cost for most of the Demolition trooper perks. Also, have you considered adding a “close quarters combat” focus?

    • Hi there. For the Talent Rank costs, it follows the general Talent Rank cost progression. They are as follows:
      Controlled Demolition: 1
      Adv Demolitions Training: 2
      Request Artillery: 3
      Destroyer: 4
      As for Rifle Focus, Imma be honest with you I don’t remember what that was supposed to be in the slightest, but feel free to use the Rifle focus from the system I jumpstarted from Metroid Marines:

      “Rifle Focus – Talent Rank and Cost: 2, Applies to Assault Rifles and Gauss Rifles. Your attacks gain +1 damage. Additionally, you may use an Assault/Gauss Rifle with a shield with no penalties and holster your rifle without an Action Point cost”

      As for the close combat focus idea, it’s definitely something I wanted to do at the time, but the Metroid setting kind of prohibited the idea, as there are no melee/CQC Marine archetypes that the standard Marine Trooper didn’t already fit into. It is definitely something I worked on in my new system however, and is scary good provided you don’t get shot up on the way to your target. I’ll probably be sharing that system in the near future as I had been meaning to for a while now, so stay tuned

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