Welcome to my personal blog! I’m Obelion, and I’ll be posting a myriad of things on this blog: everything from video games, to my personal life, and, hell, maybe even the funniest Youtube video I’ve seen that day. On this page, I’ll have commonly used links to any sites that I employ often as a sort of “Links stash” and some of my basic info. I hope you enjoy my blog :3


8 responses to “About

  1. I’m actually doing a paper on something you wrote and i was wondering if you could provide me with a bit of information. I was wonder how long you’ve been involved in videogames, how old you are, and what gender you are. If you don’t want to provide this information, that’s fine. But i can’t reference your article.

    • I’d be glad to help! I’m 19, male, and I’ve been playing video games seriously since I was about 7, although I first played games starting around 5. Out of curiosity, which article is it? :0

      • I’m so sorry for not replying. It’s not an article. It’s a research paper. I’m doing an analysis of over the top feminism has on men and videogaming and the double standard that is being created. When it’s done, i’ll gladly link it to you. C:

  2. Hey Cassia, I don’t know If your paper are published already but I am interested in discussing the topic. Aswell for you obelion 13. I am an product design student and I am busy with the topic aswell and what you said over putting an label on people is really interesting. I want to try to make it visual
    and link it with the standards of beauty in the society.

    • Hello, Johanna. I see what you’ve posted about standards of beauty, My research topic has been refined a bit to “The impact of the sexualize depictions of avatars effect the conception in the media of men in particular” and i think that both Obelion and your link would be very useful. Is it okay for me to use your standards of beauty in the society in my paper as well, when you do finish it?\

  3. Hello Cassia,
    that sounds intresting aswell, yes feel free to use it. I am happy to inspire. I have an ongoing project until december, but next thursday I have a mid term presentation. Then we have an internship period. I am more curious about your project? What made you start it? If you don´t want to discuss it here feel free to email me at adoremusic@hotmail.com
    and I updated my link this is my new adress http://jolivial.wordpress.com/

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