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  1. Concerning your Fire Emblem RPG:

    It’s less clunky and more flexible than the other one floating around, which is a big improvement, even if there’s less detail.

    Are you planning to add Supports into the game?

    • Thanks for the compliment. Supports are something I’ve been toying with. I don’t know if they’ll be implemented in the next update but they’ll be there soon

  2. Hey so I found your Fire Emblem RPG, and it seems really neat! I’m going to try it with a few friends soon.
    I was just wondering if there have been any updates since 1.0?

    • Hey, glad you like the system! I’d love to hear how it goes.

      And sadly, no. I haven’t gotten many playtesters since release but with some feedback I can better fine tune the system. Maybe after I finish up a few projects I can get to implementing Supports and some form of roleplaying stats, since right now the system is more for progressive war gaming.

      If you guys like the system I’d be glad to add some more features to the game for you.:0

  3. Hey again! Just a few comments on version 1.2, from my first few read throughs;
    -The Steel Lance is a rank E, when it should probably be D (pg. 86)
    -The formula for Atk (damage) is very well hidden. The only place I could find it was in the stat block description for weapons (pg. 83)
    -Leveling up (pg. 58) refers to a table to roll against for stats that doesn’t actually appear anywhere.
    Just little nitpicky stuff. You’re doing an awesome job!

    • Hey, thanks for so much interest in the game! I appreciate someone reading over the rulebook. Being just a one man project I tend to miss a lot of things after reformatting. Expect an update to fix these soon as I like the latest version of the rulebook to be as correct as possible

  4. Amazing work, Obelion. We’ve ended up adapting this for use at the local Gamer’s Edge for our wargames and the occasional proper roleplay. As a 20+ years tabletop player, I’d like to suggest a collection of reprinted tables perhaps consolidated in the back as a cheatsheet, or perhaps a separate cheatsheet PDF..

    Also, is there any way you could please release separate versions of the character sheet, even if they’re not in a writable format. A common problem really lies in spotty internet connections around here resulting in incomplete downloads. Thank you for your time, and kep up the amazing work.

    • Sorry for such a late reply but I’m ecsatic to know that a group of people like the game.

      I’m currently not able to work on the collected tables but I’ve added printable .pngs of both character sheet types in the Dropbox collection. The background color is changed to white to better suit printing as well. I figured it’s the least I could currently do and I hope I’ll be able to update the game in areas your group could utilize.

      I ask that you keep in touch every so often as to tell me how your group enjoys the mechanics and whatnot. The thought of people playing the system I worked so hard on is really cool, so have fun you guys!

  5. So I followed the link in the metroid marines pdf, and I cant find anything about it anywhere on your blog, what gives?

    • Sorry, I’ve been swamped with personal matters. As I write this I’ve just posted about Metroid Marines v1. Metroid Marines v2 and the updated character sheets will be uploaded by the middle of this week unless something goes wrong, so please look forward to it.

  6. Thanks for dropping Federation Marines. Had forgotten I had asked in that thread and just noticed the notifications on my RSS. Will give is a thorough read.

  7. I’m really hoping you haven’t completely abandoned your projects! I came across your Fire Emblem RPG and I’m hoping to run it soon ™.

    One question though, it notes in several places about a Standard Array for Base Stats, and try as I might I can’t find it. Any chance you can give me a hand?

    Thanks, and I appreciate all the hard work you did on this!

    • Howdy there. Been a while since I’ve worked on Metroid Marines or Fire Emblem. I realize I’m a few months late on this as I don’t really have time to keep up with the site anymore, but if you still have questions I’m available on Discord at Stronger#3780. I’ll be adding this to the site somewhere for others with questions related to my work

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